Marea Farley Logo

Brand Creation: Marea Farley

Mudgee Graphic DesignRainbow Trumpet Mudgee Graphic DesignerMarea Farley is a counselor who works out of a lovely space called The Therapy Room. We wanted to create a brand that was calming and natural, with an established feel that customers could trust. The challenge lay in integrating the existing  AASW logo with the rest of the branding. For the primary logo ‘Marea Farley’, we created a simple hand-lettered design which gives the brand a personal feel and then partnered it with traditional fonts. For the main colour palette we used softer tints of colours already in the AASW logo resulting in a seamless blend of the company branding and industry logo.

I felt very comfortable working with Netty from the get-go. I loved that she was friendly, natural and easy to talk to. I especially appreciated the fact that she let me take the time I needed to make decisions.

I was delighted with her ideas and, in particular, with the fact that she understood that ostensible simplicity is often the best design solution. I was surprised at how accurately her designs reflected my own personality and my approach to my work. It was clever of her to manage that after just one meeting!

– Marea Farley