Brand Creation: Comfort is for Wimps

Newcastle Mudgee logo designbusiness card designMudgee Logo Design Comfort is for WimpsI’m proud to say this talented boss lady is my client and my mate. She is the bravest person I know; getting out of her comfort zone every day so that her mind doesn’t turn sour and exposing herself to as many new things as possible. Her tagline is unseriously sincere storyteller and so, with all of this in mind we set out to create a new logo for her blog. Jess had an existing, hand-drawn and rather playful logo which we drew inspiration from, using the same colour palette and decided that her new brand definitely needed to remain fun but with a touch of modernity. We pictured a colourful 80’s design (because we’re 80’s kids) combining a modern font with playful graphics and viola, the logo was born.