Brand Creation: Our Chow

mudgee cafe flyer designmudgee graphic designermudgee branding designmudgee cafe menu designmudgee social media marketing graphic designmudgee graphic designerOur Chow by Mudgee Catering Co started off as a pop-up café back in 2017 when Rachael enlisted us to whip up their weekly menu. It quickly became a favourite venue with locals and tourists alike and it was apparent that the café was no longer “pop-up”, but pretty permanent. With an ever-growing reputation as a relaxed, family-friendly venue producing quality food, Rachael decided to renovate and create a space that reflected this even further. Our objective was to update the brand identity, bringing it to a more modern context without sacrificing it’s reputation. We drew inspiration from the café’s interior design concepts settling on the blue colour palette, combined with the use of edgy textures across the designs to bring in some personality and add to the overall funky, hand-made and casual feel of the café.