Meet & Greet

I’m so glad you found us!

We’re Rainbow Trumpet, an experienced and friendly design studio previously based in Mudgee and recently relocated to Newcastle. We’re passionate about creating thoughtful design that has a touch of simplicity and the unexpected. Our focus is to deliver quality design services to small and medium businesses like us, building cohesive brand solutions.

Rainbow Trumpet offers the whole shebang of creative services. From the initial brief to the final product we offer the works with graphic design, photography, copywriting and we can even take care of the printing for you. Whether you’re starting a new business and need help with a your new brand creation or if you’re simply after something small like a new business card or invitation, we are here to help.

We are not limited by location, and to us, size does not matter. Whether you’re big or small, local or global, if you have a project that we might be able to help with or an idea you’d like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.

We believe that good design is good business and we are ready and raring to get you noticed!

Meet the Rainbow Trumpet Team

Antoinette FitzgeraldAntoinette Fitzgerald
Owner + Designer

Whipping up the designs for Rainbow Trumpet is Antoinette, affectionately known as Netty. She is all about working to live, leaving a small footprint and quality over quantity.

Netty is a talented young creative who believes that some of the simplest design solutions can be the most effective and that good design doesn’t have to be visually complicated. With her bubbly energy and enthusiasm Netty pours passion into everything she does. Telling your unique story by crafting a brand that brings it to life is what gets her going.

An ideas gal, branding guru, general maker of things and superintendent of the creative process, Netty’s natural habitat is the creative studio where she can usually be found with a hot cuppa and some tunes in the background.

LIKES: Plane tickets, denim, finding a bargain, adventuring, cheese, wine(s)(ss)(sss), summer, fire-works, a good book, natural light, road trips, picnics, movies, bike rides.

DISLIKES: Cold winter bed sheets, poor attitudes, typos, beach sand in the tent, summer flies, low battery, the sound of ice scraping.

The serious stuff: Netty has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and has done it all from in-house designer in the corporate world; to cruisy, barefoot, freelance designer for the common people, plus some printing experience in-between for good measure.

Owen BatesOwen Bates
The Rudder + Tech Guru

Steering the ship and manning the cameras at Rainbow Trumpet is Owen. With his attention to detail and life motto “if you’re going to do something, do it right” you’re in safe hands knowing that whatever Owen does he does with care and precision. Perhaps that’s why two of his favourite travel destinations are Japan and Germany.

Bringing a number of unique skill sets to the show he is a video cameraman, photographer, our IT man, proofreader, thinker and master organiser. He also drives business development whilst offering design critique and inspiration. Owen is a master of many skills and in charge of keeping things rolling.

LIKES: Sleeping in a tent, sunshine, Tokyo, wine, skateboarding, turbos, dogs, tea, sustainability, gadgets, the beach, football (also known as soccer), chilis, beer, F1, Erko.

DISLIKES: Doing the dishes, rushing, selfie sticks, fads, wasting weekends, a messy desk, traffic, knick knacks, wastage, consumerism, the burbs.

The serious stuff: Owen has a Bachelor of Communication in Television Production and focused on roles within the camera department after his studies. He has worked for peanuts on zero budget, B grade productions and for real, tangible money on internationally aired television episodes. Outside of Rainbow Trumpet he keeps himself busy with photography and the other love in his life; his car and earns a crust shooting the news for Prime7 Riverina.